Ruten til Billund åbner Foråret 2022

DK: billeter til Billund kan købes fra foråret 2022

UK: Tickets sales from Aarhus to Billund begining primo Marts 2022


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Pendulfart is your new travel-buddy when on the go. Aarhus - Billund NON STOP

Our busses swing like a pendulum in several Danish cities. Back and forth. Full speed. Cheaper and faster.

We will find the cheapest bus for you, when you need to experience a Danish city.

Whether you are going on a weekend visit, work, study or to explore Denmark, we are with you on the go.

With us you can lean back in your seat and enjoy your time on the road.

You can always rebook your ticket easily and without extra fees.

The small and big experiences are waiting for you - those in your eveyday life and those for the weekend. Let us help you on the road!

We drive every hour to Billund from 1 am to 11.30 pm. In other words we drive all day long.

If you need a taxa as part of your travel with our busses, you can order that as well. It costs from 100 kr. (up to 4 persons). This way you do not have to wait additionally.

When you have to go home from Billund and you have bought a ticket we will wait for you (10 minutes) if your flight is delayed or change your ticket for the next available departure.

10. juni åbner ny rute til og fra Billund lufthavn

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